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Wrapping Yourself in Memories

Have you ever heard of a mourning blanket or a bereavement quilt? I hadn't until a good friend gifted one to me. She knows I collect strange and unusual things and has played a major role in the expansion of my mourning jewelry and other odd items.

The bereavement quilt is made in honor or in remembrance of someone who has passed. It is believed that not only does the quilt help heal with the loss but can also give the grieving some type of comfort.

The quilt can include pieces of the deceased loved one's clothing, ribbons from the funeral service, photos, biblical quotes or poems and may include important dates and names.

When my grandfather passed, I stood in his closet and wrapped myself up in his sweaters because that was the closest, I would ever be to him again. I wish I would have known about bereavement quilts back then because I would have saved those sweaters that still smelled like his cologne and aftershave and would have made something out them so I could feel like I was getting a huge hug from him whenever I would need comfort.

There is an interesting page, Mourning | World Quilts: The American Story (, and it gives the history and some of the different types of quilts that are/were used for mourning. I highly recommend checking it if you want to learn more on this topic.

Sending you all a huge hug....

xox Mallie

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