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Add It To The Collection

I feel like I say "add it to the collection" a lot. I collect strange and unusual items and if you know me, it all makes sense. I recently went to New Orleans and came back with some fun souvenirs including a casket plaque to add to my mourning collection.

Now you may be thinking, did she really just say casket plaque? Yes, yes I did. If you're now wondering what a casket plaque is, well, it's what you probably think it is. It's a plaque or plate attached to a coffin with the name of the deceased and their date of death. Sometimes, this engraved adornment will include a special quote or a term of endearment.

My casket plaque is simple and I love it. "Sarah Pierce, Died March 6, 1870, Aged 63 Yr's 2 Mo's."

So who is Sarah Pierce? From what I gathered by doing a tiny bit of research, her maiden name is Chick. Her parents are Aaron and Abigail (Libby) Chick and her father was a farmer. She was born December 25, 1806 in Maine and lived her entire life there. She married her husband, Ephraim Pierce (a farmer), in 1834 and they had 3 children.

But here is the cool part (or at least I think so), Sarah is buried at Lords Cemetery in Maine and I bought her casket plaque in Louisiana and brought it back to Michigan. When I started to look for information on her, I came across a picture of her headstone and a picture of the exact plaque I now own. And, when I clicked on the picture of the plaque, it was posted by a gentleman from the next county over from me in Michigan!

I'm not sure if he ever had the plaque in his possession. But if he did, how cool is it that this plaque has traveled so much? A part of me wants to reach out to him. I'm curious to know how he acquired it. Should I let him know Sarah's plaque is back in Michigan and in good hands? So many questions I have.....

If I contact him and get an update, I will let you all know.

xoxo Mallie

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