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The Very Haunted Washoe Club

If you get a chance, I highly recommend a visit to the historic Washoe Club. Not only can you enjoy a delicious cocktail (my favorite is their "Comstock Load") but you may get to have a paranormal experience as well.

The Washoe Club is the oldest saloon in Virginia City, Nevada. It was also known as the Millionaire's Club because it was a place for the town's elite to meet and socialize. It was built in 1875 and then again in 1876 after the Great Fire. The building was once considered very luxurious, but unfortunately, when the mines began to no longer produce, the membership dwindled, and the club closed their doors in 1897. Even though the second and third floor fell into disrepair over time, the saloon on the first floor remained open for business.

With the rich history of this place, there should be no doubt why this place is haunted. Not only do you have quite a few deaths of people who were associated with the Washoe, but you have what they call "The Crypt."

Because of the stone walls, this room is a natural walk-in cooler. So, this made it ideal to store bodies until the ground had thawed enough for burial.

Then, you have the ghost of a woman who has been seen at the top of the spiral staircase. People refer to her as the "Lady in Blue." Is she one of the prostitutes rumored to have entertained the club members? Who knows what happened behind closed doors.

I have been fortunate to investigate this building a few times. To be honest, the first time I visited this building, it gave me an uneasy feeling. Not sure if it was because I knew of its reputation or if I was tuning into the building's energy. It did not take long for me to have a paranormal experience there.

I attended an EVP session with Mark and Debby Constantino upstairs and we were getting some great results. As we sat there, huddled around the voice recorder, I happened to look up and saw the figure of a man, standing in front of the window, wearing a hat. My first thought was who is this guy? I don't remember him being a part of our did he get in? Then, I watched him turn and walk right through the wall!!! Ummm...excuse me? What did I just witness?

Later that evening, back at my hotel room, I was telling my friend about my experience only to have a candle fly across the room. Little did I know this was just the beginning of many experiences I would have in Virginia City.

My second visit to the Washoe Club, I experienced shadows moving across the room and got some great EVPs. But actually, I experienced more on the first floor, in the saloon. It was early in the morning, and I was hanging out with a couple of friends in the saloon, waiting for the group upstairs to be done with their investigation.

That's when we heard the heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. When we opened the door, no one there.

There is also a huge mirror behind the bar, and I swear, I kept seeing movement, in my peripheral vision, in the mirror's reflection.

Then, I was in the Millionaire Club's Room with my friend Tara. And as she stood in the storage area, talking to me, we both watched the door slam shut. No explanation.

But the creepiest experience, that evening, happened while in the bathroom...go figure!!!

I was at the sink and as I bent down to pick up my bag, something touched my back. It felt as if a hand had gently rested on my lower back. I shot up, looked around and needless to say, exited that bathroom very quickly. Apparently, I'm not the only one to encounter something strange in that bathroom. Many women have had some type of paranormal experience in there. So just a "heads up" if you decide to venture to the bathroom alone.

And my last trip to the Washoe Club, we had something or someone playing with us. We would be up on the third floor and loud banging would happen on the second floor. So, we go down to the second floor only to have the banging start on the third floor. No one else was in the was the strangest thing!

All I know is that this place never disappoints and is always active no matter what time of day it is.

If ghost hunting is not your cup of tea, they do offer tours daily, so you can at least check out the building and museum and learn a little about the local history. And, if that still makes you nervous, you can watch the multiple television shows out there, from the safety of your couch, that showcase this building and the paranormal activity surrounding it.

xox Mallie

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