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3 Haunted Saloons in Virginia City

Virginia City is an old, western, mining town located about 30 minutes from Reno, Nevada. The town was established in 1859 after the discovery of silver and gold. People from all over the world arrived to make their fortune. They not only worked hard but they played hard as well. And because of this, many saloons were built. At one time, there was supposedly over 100 saloons in town.

Unfortunately, by the 1930's, the mining stopped, businesses closed and the population dwindled down to 500 people. But, the good news is the town's tourism thrives today with over 2 million visitors per year and a lot of the historical buildings have survived.

With all of the tragedy this town has endured such as the Great Fire of 1875, mining accidents, murders and diseases, it's no wonder why the town is haunted. Virginia City still has plenty of saloons to visit for a beverage and a bite to eat, but below are three saloons that are known to be haunted.

1. The Delta Saloon- this saloon is home to the infamous Suicide Table. It is reported that the Suicide Table is haunted by previous owners who took their own lives due to great financial loss. The ghost of Black Jake (a gambler and past owner) has been seen sitting at the table. Some say there is a strong, negative energy that can be felt and some believe the table is cursed. In 2019, there was an explosion and the Delta Saloon was heavily damaged and the building was closed off to the public. But, I am happy to announce the saloon's doors are open once again and the Suicide Table is on display. So go check it out.....if you dare.

2. The Union Brewery- It is believed this building houses at least one negative spirit that possesses people including a previous owner. The owner had become obsessed with the property and became violent and aggressive. Unfortunately, the owner passed away and his wife believes that a spirit had something to do with his death. This building also was once a funeral home and that could possibly explain some of the paranormal activity. The spirits of two young girls have been seen and some think they are victims of the previous fire. Other strange occurrences include female voices heard during E.V.P sessions, people getting hurt and beds levitating.

3. The Silver Queen Hotel and Saloon- The Silver Queen was built in 1876 and is the oldest hotel in Virginia City. The saloon is known for having the tallest back bar in the world. And, their wedding chapel was once used as a temporary morgue when the ground was too frozen to bury the dead. Some of the experiences the guests have had are bangs, doorknobs jiggling, shadows seen, voices heard in empty rooms, tapping on the walls, and footsteps heard on wooden floors even though the floors are now carpeted. One of the ghosts that supposedly haunts the hotel is a woman who killed her baby and then herself because her lover never came back for them. When making a reservation, ask for either room 11 or 13, those two rooms seem to have the most activity.

Now, you may be asking yourself why I didn't mention one of the most popular and well known haunted saloons in Virginia City, The Washoe Club, and that's because it needs to be a blog all by itself. So stay tuned.....

xox Mallie

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