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Do You See What I See?

Who doesn’t like to look at photographs? Pictures of special moments frozen in time. It’s amazing how one photograph can bring back memories so strong, you feel like it just happened yesterday. Or, one photograph can capture your attention and you begin to think about the people in the photograph, what were they like, what was going through their minds when the photo was taken, what was it like living back then…..

My friend, “Senator Longjohns”, buys photo lots from ebay for his photo comic website, One shipment came from Kentucky, and the other day, as I was looking through the old photographs, I came across a few that were a little out of the ordinary.

Please take a look below and let me know if you see what I see.

Awwww…what a cute picture of a man with his kids….but wait a sec, what’s that peeping over the little boy’s shoulder?

Miniature Meemaw

What a beautiful, sunny day, sitting on the front lawn. But who is that on the front porch? Is that Meemaw? Maybe it’s my imagination, but does she look proportionate to the house?

Phantom Soldier

Here’s a photo of a girl in the spirit of Halloween. But check out the transparent image of a soldier wearing his helmet…..I’m thinking WWII.

Sending you lots of paranormal love,

~Mallie Fox

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