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Building No. 13, Banbury Place

`If you know me, you know that I love, love, love road trips! Even if I can’t get away for long periods of time, I’ll go to a destination that may be only an hour or two away and explore.

Last weekend, I decided to go to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to check out the Banbury Place that is supposedly haunted. Rumor has it that in Building 13 (how appropriate), an electrician was accidentally electrocuted while he worked on an air conditioning unit, late at night, and unfortunately, his charred body wasn’t found until a week later. Also, it is rumored that there was once a horrific fire, in one of the buildings, and it resulted in fatalities.

There are reports that people hear unnerving sounds such as moans and screams coming from Building 13 and there seems to be an eerie presence is Building 4. And in the maze of tunnels below the buildings, people have seen strange figures and shadows move around down there.

After doing a little internet research on the property, I came across a website called Unexplained Research and they have investigated the Banbury Place. Their findings are “pending”, but they do say it seems it was was a tenant who died of an accidental electrocution while growing marijuana plants (gives a whole, new meaning to “up in smoke”) and they could not find any evidence that anyone died from a major fire.

I wasn’t able to access the tunnels or the buildings, but thought I would take a few photos to add to my growing collection of haunted places.

Sending you lots of paranormal love,


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