The Witch of Christian Square

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Nothing beats a good story regarding the strange and paranormal.

And, with New England’s rich history, there are many legends and encounters of the unexplained.

In particular, there are stories regarding witches and it’s no wonder.

We know that hysteria and fear, spread throughout New England like wildfire in the late 1600’s, led up to the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts.

Innocent people were banished, imprisoned, tortured and even murdered all because of  property and financial greed as well as religious beliefs and superstitions.

Because of the tragic events that took place in our country’s history, I’m not surprised there are ghostly accounts of witches.

In fact, did you know a witch’s ghost haunts a small community in Vermont?

Grab a mug of hot cocoa, get comfy and please read Ben’s personal encounter with the Witch of Christian Square.

“It’s a true story that happened to me when I was about eleven. I was in Putney, Vermont and my aunt and uncle were renting space in this old church in a little place known as Christian Square.

The church was dated back from the 1600’s. Anyway it was in the fall, and we had just finished eating dinner from Mc D’s. We went inside the church to play a board game. My uncle forgot his drink outside and asked me to go out and get it for him and so I did.

I remember the very orange sky waning in the mountains behind this old wooden fence. When I turned around to go back inside the church, I heard a leaf crackle behind me and as I turned around, I saw a girl in a long black dress.

So of course being eleven, I wanted to talk and as I got closer, I felt a very strong energy.

I said hello, and she responded with the same reply. We talked for a few minutes and when she reached out to me, her eyes became very green.

I think I spaced out for a second because I then saw a black cat staring at me on the fence with the same green eyes!

Ten years later, I asked my aunt about what I saw and she said it was the witch of Christian Square.

Everyone has seen her, but I was the only one who ever got close and spoke to her. She was dead, but she took a full figure form just like anyone living and talked to me.

Look, over the years everyone has thought I’m crazy. Even I have tried to tell myself that so I could move on.

But, I did see her and it happened.  I feel as if she was reaching out.”

I hope that you enjoyed Ben’s story as much as I did.

With much paranormal love,

~Mallie Fox

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