When you read most paranormal investigators’ bios, they usually mention that they became fascinated with the paranormal at an early age either by being visited by a deceased family member or by a spirit in their house. Neither of those incidents happened to me.

My first introduction to the paranormal happened when I was three.  That is when I discovered the television show “Kolchak: The Night Stalker”.

Little did my parents know that this 1970’s television series of bad hair, plaid pants and cheesy story lines would launch my fascination into the inexplicable phenomenon.

I wanted to (and still do) watch anything, visit any place and/or read anything that had to do with the unexplained.

My eternal curiosity and desire to search for the truth fueled my need to find answers in the basements of historical societies, searching the internet or finding a quiet corner in the library and immersing myself in books.

Because of my passion for history, love of story telling and attraction to the unknown, I have definitely been led down some interesting paths.

Some of which include traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe to visit haunted locations, meeting the top experts in the paranormal field, volunteering my family to participate in “Scariest Places on Earth” (much to their surprise and amusement), and meeting wonderful people who share my enthusiasm and beliefs.

I was lucky enough to be co-host on “Darkness Radio” for six years with the very talented and knowledgeable Dave Schrader and the very funny Tim Dennis.  Then I moved to the great state of Michigan and now call in on Friday nights to do movie reviews for Darkness Radio.  In 2013, I was a cast member on “Ghost Bait” on the Biography Channel.

I thought it might be kind of fun to keep some type of a paranormal diary. I would journal my past, present and future paranormal experiences and hope that not only would you enjoy my stories but maybe, just maybe, share a story or two of yours as well.

All the best,

Mallie Fox

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