Cemetery Walk

Cemetery Walk


I am so excited!  I picked up my tickets for the annual Wyandotte Historic Cemetery Walk.  Just another way to celebrate the fall season and Halloween. This is my favorite time of the year!!!

If you have a chance to go, you must!  I have only heard fabulous things about this event.  The night begins at the Ford-MacNichol Home.  The lovely Ford-MacNichol mansion was built in 1896 and is now a museum.  The home will be set up as if we are at a “viewing” back in the 1800’s in the parlor room.  I am looking forward to seeing how they will decorate for the funeral because when I last visited, they already had a couple of beautiful mourning pieces placed throughout the parlor.

I did learn two interesting facts during that visit.  The first was the explanation for big, wide, front doors on old houses.  To be honest, I never really thought about it.  I assumed it was an ornate thing….kind of like crown moldings and gingerbread trim.  However back then, wide doors were necessary because people had funeral viewings in their homes and needed wide doors in order to make it easier to bring the coffin in and out of the home.

I also learned the real reason as to why mirrors were covered.  I thought it was because of the superstition of the deceased spirit getting trapped in the mirror’s reflective surface.  However, it seems I may have been wrong.  It is actually to prevent people from being selfish and vain.  During the mourning period, the thought was you should be focusing on the deceased loved one and not yourself.

Sorry, now I’m getting sidetracked….back to the cemetery walk event.

Not only will there be a viewing set up, but there will also be an Edwardian Halloween party and cool embalming artifacts from a local funeral home that has been in town for over 150 years.

A trolley will take us to one of the oldest cemeteries where we’ll be given a guided tour about some of Wyandotte’s past residents.

And then, we complete our awesome evening at the Marx Home (built in 1862)  and learn about Victorian seances and Spiritualism while enjoying some refreshments.

The event is on the 9th and 10th of October and tickets are going fast.  Please check out the link below and I hope to see you there!



xox Mallie

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